Peter Noyce Bio

Having trained in photography at Twickenham and Ealing I first became a civil service photographer then joined an industrial company supplying the construction industry where my future love of architectural photography was first developed. I left there in the 1980’s to become an independent photographer working for architects, construction clients, property developers and organisations supplying the building industry.

The photographs I create are fully processed from the camera RAW files to provide you, the client, with images ready for you to use in brochures, advertisements or on your web site – to help you drive your company forward.

Multiple back-ups of the original files are kept for up to six years. Should anything happen to your supplied copies replacements can be provided – another aspect of the complete service I provide.

My interests, and the services I offer have increased to include Stock Photography, Art Prints in a range of sizes and finishes and web site design and hosting.